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Phòng Kinh Doanh
Hỗ trợ trực tuyến qua skype Hỗ trợ trực tuyến qua zalo Hỗ trợ trực tuyến qua viber
Contact Information:
Phone: 0914906439
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About Doan Ket Company

 Doan Ket Company is a company specializing in the production of fabrics with more than 80% of products exported to the US, Europe and Japan, Korea, etc.

With experienced leadership and young staff, solid professional knowledge and enthusiastic working spirit. Doan Ket Company is committed to continue working and constantly striving to become a large, prestigious and professional enterprise in the field of fabric production in Vietnam.

We manufacture the following main categories:

1/ Interlock 70D, Interlock 100D, Interlock 150D, Interlock shaded, Interlock 100% Cotton, Interlock Silk.

2/ Single Jersey, French Terry, Pique

3/ Rib 1x1, Rib 2x2, Poly Mesh, Melange

4/ Sesame elastic, Ancestral elastic, Tricot, Tricot scratch, 2-skin elastic, 4-way brazier.

5/ Diamond Elastic, Cotton Back, ITY, Poly Methal, Poly Spandex,

6/ Non-woven fabric

7/ Micro Fiber, Micro Fiber sanding, , Poly taffeta 190T, Poly taffeta 210T, Poly Pongee, Poly Ribstop, Poly Satin, Poly Twill

8/ Poly Oxford 200D, Poly Oxford 300D, Poly Oxford 600D, Poly Oxford, 900D

9/ Kate Silk, Kate For, Canvas, Chiffon, Herring Bone, Nike, Nylon Taslan, Si, TC lining.

In addition, Our Company also receives knitting and finishing products of 1-stitch and 2-string loom fabrics with many components such as 100% Polyester, TC65/35, CVC60/40, 100% Cotton, Viscose and different weaves such as: Single Jersey, Pique, Interlock, spandex, etc. The product is used for dresses, fashion tops, jackets, sportswear with good elasticity and resistance to provinces. electricity, sweat absorption, anti-dirty and high durability to ensure the health of consumers.

Doan Ket Company inherits many years of experience in the field of manufacturing and supplying textile products. So right from its inception, our company has met orders from small to large with good quality and competitive price with domestic and international companies. Our customers include many domestic and foreign garment companies, foreign representative offices in Vietnam. We can do on-site export for bulk orders for foreign representative offices in Vietnam.

With the goal of becoming a reputable supplier of fabric products in the Vietnamese market, our company constantly strives to improve product quality by improving techniques, minimizing production costs. produce products at the most competitive prices. In addition, Doan Ket Company always proposes to research and improve production processes, improve production technology to create high-quality product lines, meeting the requirements of the ever-changing market. . Doan Ket Company is looking forward to connecting and cooperating with customers and partners for a long time.

Customers who are interested and want to cooperate, please contact our company for the best price.

Sincere thanks.

Contact: Mr Tony 0914906439







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  • interlock
  • thun mè
  • Single Jersey
  • Single Melange
  • Pique cá sấu
  • Poly Mesh Print
  • Poly taffeta 190T
  • Poly taffeta 210T
  • chiffon
  • nylon taslan
  • tc lining
  • xương cá
  • vải ITY
  • poly oxford
  • poly pongee
  • poly ripstop
  • poly satin